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  承德市 万吉仪器仪表制造有限公司,试验机专业制造商,制造精良、产品多样、规格齐全,打造承 德试验机的经典之作。公司位 于世界闻名的承德市避暑山庄——中国历 史名城和著名的旅游胜地。

   我公司 是非金属材料检测设备、试验机、材料测定仪、物理性 能检测仪器等专业制造商,公司吸 取了多年制造经验,不断更新产品技术,改进生产工艺,成为拥 有强大的产品开发、生产、销售、服务能 力为一体的一流高新技术企业。

  具体产品有:热变形 温度维卡软化点温度测定仪、熔融指数仪、管材静液压试验机、管材夹具、恒温水箱、简支梁冲击试验机,悬臂梁冲击试验机,落锤冲击试验机、管材纵 向回缩率测定仪、二氯甲烷浸渍试验机、氧化诱导期试验机,电子式 管材环刚度试验机,计算机 控制管材环刚度试验机、管材扁平试验机、管材环柔度试验机、管材蠕变比率试验机、塑料管 材耐压爆破试验机、电子式万能试验机、各种规 格电子拉力试验机,冲击力试验机、甲醛检测设备、安全帽检测仪器、摆锤式冲击试验机、熔体流动速率测定仪、水平垂直燃烧测定仪、水分测定仪、灰分测定仪,表观密度测定仪,玻璃化温度测定仪, 热膨胀系数仪,Tg温度测定仪,防水材料检测设备、弹簧试验机。各种制样机:哑铃型制样机、电子万能制样机、冲片机、缺口制样机、高精度电子天平,自动界面张力仪,接触角测定仪,公司同 时开发各种非标检测设备,试验机等。

   公司产品,有液晶屏控制,触摸屏控制,计算机 控制等多种控制方式,产品规格多样,种类齐全。能满足不同客户需求,为您公 司产品质量把关护航,助力发展,铸造辉煌业绩。
  我公司 所有产品均符合GB和ISO标准,产品广 泛用于国防航空航天、大专院校、科研院所、工矿企业、质量监督检验。石油,化工,塑料,管材,防水材料、高分子材料、高分子聚合物、新材料 研发等多种领域。

  我公司产品面向全国,销往全球,出口西欧,俄罗斯 等多个国家和地区,产品遍及各地,于数千家检测机构、技术监督局、材料研究实验室、和高校 建立了长期合作关系,质优价廉,享有盛誉。
   承德市 万吉仪器仪表制造有限公司,欢迎各界单位、商家、朋友光顾,诚信合作,互惠双赢。我们将以优质产品、优良的售后服务、高端的性能,方便简易的操作系统,产品追求完美的品质,以质量做品牌的理念,不断追 求完美的执着打造检测行业经典之作,与您携手并进,共创企业的美好未来。

     Chengde wanji instrument manufacturing co., LTD., a professional manufacturer of testing machine, has excellent manufacture, diversified products and complete specifications.The company is located in the world-famous summer resort of chengde, China famous historic city and famous tourist attraction.

         Our company is a non-metallic materials testing equipment, machine, material tester, physical properties testing instrument and other professional manufacturers, the company learned many years manufacturing experience, technology constantly updated products, improve the production process, as has a strong product development, production, sales and service as one of the leading high-tech enterprises.

My company's main products are: plastic testing equipment, non-metallic materials testing equipment testing equipment testing equipment, pipes, PE pipes, PPR pipe inspection equipment, PVC pipeline detection equipment, testing equipment, FRP pipe inspection equipment, profiles a full range of testing equipment, testing equipment, plastic wood testing equipment, man-made board testing equipment.

       Specific products are: thermal deformation temperature vicat tester, melt index instrument, pipe hydrostatic testing machine, pipe clamp, simply supported beam with constant temperature water tank, impact testing machine, cantilever beam impact testing machine, drop hammer impact tester, vertical pipe retraction rate tester, dichloromethane impregnating tester, oxidation induction period testing machine, electronic pipe ring stiffness testing machine, computer control pipeline ring stiffness testing machine, flat machine, pipe ring ratio compliance testing machine, tube creep testing machine, plastic tubing pressure blasting machine, electronic universal testing machine, all kinds of electronic tension tester, impact tester, formaldehyde testing equipment, testing instruments, a helmet pendulum impact tester, melt flow rate meter, level meter, moisture meter, vertical combustion ash tester, apparent density meter, glass transition temperature tester, thermal expansion coefficient apparatus, Tg temperature meter, waterproof materials testing equipment, spring testing machine.All kinds of system prototype: dumbbell system prototype, and electronic universal sampling machine, plate machine, gap system prototype, high-precision electronic balance, automatic interface tensiometer, contact Angle meter, the company also develop various non-standard testing equipment, testing machine, etc.

     Company products, including LCD screen control, touch screen control, computer control and other control modes, product specifications, various types.We can meet different customers' needs, escort the quality of your products, help the development, and create brilliant achievements.

All products of our company comply with GB and ISO standards, and the products are widely used in national defense aerospace, colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, and quality supervision and inspection.Petroleum, chemical, plastic, pipe material, waterproof material, polymer materials, polymer and other fields.

Products of our company facing the whole country, sold to all over the world, exported to Western Europe, Russia and other countries and regions, products throughout the country, with thousands of testing institutions, technical supervision, materials research laboratory, and has established long-term cooperative relations in colleges and universities, high quality and low price, enjoy high reputation.

       Chengde wanji instrument manufacturing co., LTD., welcome all sectors, merchants, friends patronage, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit.We will be quality products, excellent after-sales service, high performance, convenient and simple operating system, the pursuit of perfect quality product, do the concept of brand with quality, pursuit of perfection dedication to build classic testing industry, with you hand in hand, create beautiful future of the enterprise.

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